Discord is currently one blog.windll.com/halo-infinite-not-launching-due-to-directx12-error/ of the most popular voice communication platforms and with good reason! It is useful in a variety of situations and serves a purpose for schools, companies, and, most notably, gamers. Is your voice cutting out when talking in Discord? Fix your issue by following this super easy guide with all the fixes. 1) Right-click on the Valorant shortcut and select Properties.

  • If it’s a Steam game that’s giving you issues, right-click on it and hit View Community Hub.
  • Restart your PC for the changes to take effect.
  • When combined with the default 16GB of memory, it can tackle most everyday tasks, from running loads of browser tabs to handling Office tools and mainstream content creation.
  • When Windows Explorer […] move a Web page both the HTML file and the directory are automatically moved together.

The Dell laptop black screen issue can appear because of corrupt BIOS settings. Hence, updating or resetting BIOS can help you solve the problem. As you cannot restart the Dell computer normally and are stuck on the black screen, the first solution to Dell laptop black screen on startup is to perform a force shutdown. By doing so, you can restart the device in a compulsory manner or force restart temporarily. How to fix Dell laptop screen black to enable the computer to run properly?


Eventually, select the option to Recover from a drive. Check your LED light that indicates if your laptop is charging to see if it is actually blinking.

Run A Thorough System Check

However, some system configurations have experienced an FPS boost when this setting was turned off. Turn off FXAA Antialiasing as we’re already using DLSS in the game.

The above methods are hardly enough to resolve the Fallout 4 CTD issue on our Windows 10. We have listed almost all the reasons and suitable solutions in this post. Running Fallout 4 with Admin rights and disabling full-screen optimizations will help you to get rid of this issue. So, enable these settings by going through the below steps. Some users say that disabling the Steam Overlay is also the best way to avoid the occurrence of CTD issues while playing Fallout 4. If the Steam Overlay is enabled, then try to disable it to fix it.